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Tile & Ground Cleaning

We are 100% confident that we will restore your tile and grout floors to an as new appearance better than any other cleaner in Southern California.

Types of surfaces

Ceramic, Porcelain, Glazed/Unglazed Quarry, Mexican Tile/Terracota, Terazzo, Agglomerate, Saltillo , Slate, Mexican Tile/Terracota, Flagstone, Concrete, and all other tiled floors

Your dirty tile and grout can be brought back to a like new appearance with our exceptional system that involves deep cleaning. A difference that you might not believe possible. If you have previously conceded that you will never be able to get your tile and grout looking new again, call us and set up an appointment.

Our High Quality Tile Specific Equipment:

The majority of tile cleaners use carpet cleaning machines to clean tile. We at Los Angeles Cleaning Services use a high powered state of the art machine that was designed to clean tile and grout. Our professional machinery is also designed so that our technician is able to reach underneath and/or around obstructions such as countertops to ensure the cleaning of the entire surface. Our high-pressure cleaning machine performs this deep cleaning method without secondary spray. The built-in suction feature retrieves all residues removed from the surface and places it in a holding tank preventing any further soiling of baseboard and walls.

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