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Chandelier Cleaning

Los Angeles Cleaning Services performs both light fixture and chandelier cleaning services for residential and commercial clients in theSouthern California.
Our highly skilled technicians clean your chandeliers so they will shine like they are new. We can get to chandeliers in the most difficult places and can replace your light bulbs upon request.
We clean each crystal piece individually by hand. Light fixtures are cleaned using lint-free towels. Chandeliers are cleaned using mild detergents or a specialty cleaning solution and are hand buffed to dry. Our product is environmentally safe and does not contain harmful chemicals.
We can hand clean just about any type of light fixture or chandelier using ladders and drop clothes to ensure we do not leave any residue behind.
We are fully insured and your satisfaction is guaranteed. You will be amazed at how clean your light fixtures and chandeliers look when we are done with them!

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